The MBA course at Kings Institute of Higher Education, is solely designed to identify your technical skills such as: finance and accounting as well as your need of analytical skills, i.e. corporate strategy, strategic planning. Our MBA course aims at your interpersonal skills as well as your organizational behavior to motivate experts in finance, accounting, sales, marketing, engineering, and operations.
The MBA curriculum, at KIHE, leads you towards focusing on three major steps of:
* Productivity, Creativity and Expert Surveying
* Making Plans, Laying out Strategies and Taking Initiatives (Practicalities)
* Sale, Sale and Sale
Kings Institute of Higher Education’s Master of Business Administration program is designed to help students to become leaders in a wide range of business-related fields, such as accounting, finance, sales and marketing, small business management, entrepreneurship, human resources management, project management, operations management, and more.
We offer MBA students the choice of a number of different routes and study modes, with the flexibility to switch between them during the programme.
Throughout the course, you’ll develop your leadership skills through work-integrated learning, industry mentorships and field trips, and gain insight from international study tours at universities in different countries.
In your final semester, you can choose from a consultancy mentorship, an internship, or a second international study tour, to help you further cement your professional skills in the competitive, global market.
The MBA at Kings Institute of Higher Education combines core business knowledge, analytical skills and global practice. The two-year program aims to support your transition from university to the workplace, whatever your discipline. Our MBA programme equips you with a solid working knowledge and understanding of cutting-edge management systems, approaches, practices and decision-making tools for ensuring business success.
Some of the critical management skills and abilities acquired are crafting and implementing strategy, re-engineering business management systems and processes, marketing the organisation in a competitive economic environment, making sound financial and business decisions, managing and measuring performance, communicating clearly and leading teams across different functional areas of the organisation.
Throughout our course you will gain leadership and management skills that may help you understand a variety of cultural business practices, and prepare you for work in future senior positions.

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Our method provides the frameworks and concepts of MBA education in a richer and relevant context – and is responsive to the demands of contemporary business. The programme combines theory with practice to help students acquire a firm grounding in the fundamentals of business management. We place strong emphasis on the practical application of theory so that learning can be applied to real-life work situations.
We give insight into the fields of management, marketing, human resources, operations, economics, corporate strategy, international business and finance. The programme culminates with a research project that not only empowers you with strong research and analytical skills, but enables you to improve your organisation through research. Our experienced faculty will assist and guide you through your research component.
Our practitioner-led approach enables you to immediately implement new knowledge and skills in the everyday workplace. Case studies are an integral part of our programme. When students are presented with a case, they place themselves in the role of a decision maker as they read through the situation and identify the problems encountered. The next step is to perform the necessary analysis – examining the causes and considering alternative courses of action to come to a set of recommendations. This method transforms students into problem-solvers, innovators and team leaders.

Some of our MBA’s programme structure and modules consists of:

For our full MBA Modules and Programme Structure, please contact:

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International students who do not have a degree from an institution in which all instruction is conducted in English must take either the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), the PTE (Pearson Test of English), or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). You may be exempted only if you have earned a degree from an institution in which English is the language of instruction. We will not accept requests for exceptions to this policy.

The TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS scores are valid for two years. Your scores must be valid when you submit your application. Be sure to self-report your TOEFL, PTE, or IELTS score when completing your application. If admitted, you must submit an official score report.
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