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Anthony Pokrupa (Czech Republic)

“I got to know many English language teachers some of them native. The problem was that many of them are not able to put themselves in a student’s shoes and think what truly a student needs to learn a language as his/her second language.
The English language courses with Steven, on the contrary, are simply the best that I ever have had a chance to experience. In particular, I was excited and thrilled about the organization of lessons and teaching methods which develop a student’s personality in reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and even an accent. Moreover, Steven perfectly identifies the student’s weak sides and then convert them to strong ones. All of that gives you this cool and admirable way that encourage further studying. For his outstanding courses I honestly recommend Steven to any student.”




Antonella Magliano (Italy)

I have been studying at the Kings Institute of Higher Education under the direct teaching and supervision of Stephen. He is an exceptionally professional and unique teacher and coach. He knows the very best methods of of teaching the English language. His teaching passion and amount of care are second to none. I am so glad to be his student because he not only assist me to improve my English language skills and ability but also he mentors and shows me my potentials and makes me feel motivated and ever focused on my future. His teaching methods are amazing. He made me love the English language. I had always resented learning the language prior to my knowing him. I always thought it was a difficult language to learn and I felt confused by what I had been taught. this was until I met him. He removed all my language confusions and difficulty with the simplest and yet most comprehensive explanations. He used many techniques and methods in order to achieve that. He is the best teacher that I have ever had. He is not only the best teacher but also a good friend and mentor. Studying in his institute may be challenging but that is solely because he always makes sure that you are equipped with many tools you would need when facing the difficulties on the way of shaping up your future. I have always felt as a member of a big family with him. He knows everything you need to know and he has all the knowledge you are seeking. The class hours flies by because you will enjoy the classes as you are learning so much!  I feel so fortunate to have met him and am feeling so grateful for his helps and continual encouragement.

David Sanchez (Mexico)

I studied and learned English at Kings Institute, Dublin, Ireland for almost nine months. I had two sessions per week. I thoroughly enjoyed every single session. It was filled with such energy and enthusiasm. We were all from different countries but we were one in enjoying the classes and learning! I treasure every moment of my lessons at the institute, especially Stephen who not only taught us the language but imparted to us great attitudes towards our lives. I found his methods of teaching second to none. I was very lucky to have had classes with him at Kings Institute. I am now working in the international department of a bank in Barcelona, Spain.

Marianna Di Biccari (Italy)

English lesson at TOEFL Dublin, was, hugely beneficial, fun and very professionally conducted. I cannot say enough of how good my course was. It was always up and go with not one class boring or less important than the previous one. The atmosphere and teaching methods were fantastic and I will never forget my time with TOEFL Dublin. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend TOEFL Dublin with Stephen (My teacher) in specific!

Sandra Diez (Spain)

I had a great time with Stephen when I was in Dublin, Ireland. I studied for a total of one year and two months. The course was really very dynamic and I felt even more determined to study harder after each class. It was a good combination of fun and great learning and I was looking back at my time at the institute and Stephen, as one of my best educational experiences.
I loved the course the teaching systems, materials, energy and the friendly atmosphere which made the learning much easier. For sure, I recommend Kings Institute and in particular Stephen to anyone who wish to learn English.

Yanna Belova (Russia)

I was in Dublin, Ireland in 2006-7 and had a nine month course with Stephen. The course was very good and I was totally satisfied. It was challenging and you could never really get distracted from the class. The teacher was awesome and at times I felt he was more passionate about us learning the language than we were ourselves.I have nothing more to say about the course but to express my great admiration and total enjoyment of his teaching and how it helped me pass my CPE exam with +B score. I strongly recommend Stephen’s courses to anyone who wants to seriously learn English.


Maria Teresa Comoli (Italy)

I have had lesson with Stephen and when I started my knowledge of English was really poor and I was terrified if I could someday speak English fluently. After just a few lessons with Stephen, I strongly felt I was in good hands and within six month he made me talk with great commands in English and I eventually passed my TOEFL exam, got my certificate and got a job with a bank in Milan. I, not only reached a high level of proficiency in English but I also left Ireland with truly unforgettable class memories. It totally changed my life for better and I am thankful to Stephen, not only my teacher forever but a great friend.

Angelo Argenziano (Italy)

I had one on one classes with Stephen and truly enjoyed every single lesson. It was extremely professional and enjoyably friendly and I could have never asked for a better course and a better master. I never thought I could become so motivated and look forward to my next class. It was superb! I successfully passed my TOEFL exam and it helped me greatly in getting the job I truly wished to get. I work for an international software company in Italy now.Stephen to me has always been a great mentor and a dear friend. If you would really like to learn English, then look no further.

Antoinette Girard (France)

I am writing here to say that I had a fabulous time studying and learning English language for almost 14 months last year. I really enjoyed every class and regretted if I missed a few classes when I had to work till late. My whole attitude towards English and actually learning it, totally changed and I felt so eager to go on and learn more and more. I finished my course and passed my TOEFL test with very good score and now work as the Head of Administration for an international marketing company in Nice, France. I recommend Stephen’s language courses and to me Stephen has been the best English teacher I have ever had in my life. Thank you! x

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